Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Profile: Jonathon

Jonathon1) I am answering these questions for my son Jonathon. We currently live in Nashville, TN. Jonathon was born in El Paso, TX and he lived there until the age of 3.

2) Autism in my life has been an opening to a different view of the world. Autism has been a learning experience every single day. With Jonathon being my second child I learned that I had to look at parenting in a new way. Every single obstacle and every learning experience I’ve had with Jonathon has required me to constantly be thinking outside the box.

3) Jonathon was born April of 2003. He was diagnosed at the age of two. Autism ASD has been his only diagnosis. I believe that injecting my son’s small body with multiple doses of viruses when he was just a baby has had something to do with it.

4) He is nonverbal. Socially he interacts only with his immediate family, Dad, mom and sis. At school he interacts with teachers and therapists. He likes adults more that he does children. He usually shies away from other children but is the opposite way with adults.

5) He has had speech therapy and occupational therapy since the age of two. He has improved significantly. He has gone from a appearing to be in his own little world and being super shy to a sweet boy who looks you in the eye and constantly wants your attention. He loves hugs and kisses.

6) Communication is his biggest obstacle.

7) He knows the alphabet forward and backwards. We found this out by working through puzzles with him.

8) I have learned to view the world with different eyes. I learned to question and learn things for myself. A lot of research has come out of this. I feel like this opportunity has been placed in my life and I feel blessed for having the chance to live it.

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  1. Jonathon's speech seems to be coming along. At this point he seems to be having a breakthrough with imitating sounds and actions. I feel like the private speech therapy. The therapist is working with him on using a speech hand held device, which I think he is adjusting to very well. His sister Penny whom he looks up has also been a great help. She is always trying to teach him new things.


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